System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium Class
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT4(SP6)
  • Operating System: Macintosh OS X 10.6 snow leopard, 10.5 leopard, 10.4 tigar, 10.3.9 panther
  • Memory: Minimum 256MB (512 MB recommended)
  • Hard Disk : 50 MB of Free disk space
  • Internet Explorer : Vesion 5 or later

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May 21st, 2018

How to Fix MP4 0xc00d5212 Error in Effective Way

Are you getting 0xc00d5212 Error while playing MP4 video files? Does lots of error message appears on the screen when you try to watch the video? Do you want to know the reason behind such error messages? Are you looking for the way to get rid of annoying alerts permanently? If your response is positive to all these questions then you need to follow the given post carefully. It contains all the essential information which will help you to get rid of 0xc00d5212 Error permanently. So, follow the guidelines in step-by-step manner. More...

May 10th, 2018

How to Fix “VLC Won't Play MP4 File” Error in Few Clicks

Yesterday, I have downloaded some MP4 videos from YouTube. But when I attempt to play these files in VLC media player then it displays “VLC won't play MP4 files” error on the screen. All other videos are working fine but only downloaded videos are showing error messages. I can't understand how to deal with the situation. Will you please help me to solve the issue? How can I play my important videos. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much! More...

May 5th, 2018

How to Fix “Unable to Load MP4 Videos” Error in Easiest Way

Recently, I was trying to upload MP4 videos on twitter but it display “unable to load MP4 videos”. When I attempt to play the videos, it displayed an error message i.e. Your media file could not be processed. I can't understand the reason behind such situation and want to restore my video. Is my video corrupted? Is it possible to get back damaged video files? How can I fix the error? Please help me. Thank you so much in advance. More...

April 18th, 2018

How to Fix MP4 Unsupported File Format Error in Few Clicks

I am getting “MP4 unsupported file format error” when i try to open my MP4 videos. I am facing the issue from last couple of days which is quite annoying. I think my file has been corrupted and i don’t have any backup copy. Is it possible to recover the damaged video files? How can i get back my important MP4 videos? All the suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. More...

April 13th, 2018

Easy Method to Resolve MP4 Error Code 0xc00d36c4

Are you getting Error Code 0xc00d36c4 when you try to play MP4 files? Have you detected lots of error messages on the screen? Do you want to know why your MP4 video files has became inaccessible? If your response is positive to all these questions then you need to know that your video is either corrupted or damaged. More...

March 30th, 2018

Complete Steps to Resolve MP4 File Error

Few days ago, I have recorded a large file which took the MP4 extension. Today, when I attempted to view the video, it displayed “MP4 File Error”. I tried to open it multiple times but got the same error continuously. Is it a sign of video damage? How can I get rid of such error? Please provide effective steps to avoid such situations in future. Thank you so much in advance. More...

March 27th, 2018

How to Fix Error code 0x80040240 Completely in Few Minutes

Many users detect Error code 0x80040240 when they attempt to play MP4 videos files. If you are one of them who is having difficulty in playing the video files then you have reached at perfect location. This post contains all the essential information which will help you to fix the error and recover the MP4 video easily. You just need to follow the given instructions carefully. More...

February 3rd, 2018

Recover Deleted MP4 Videos from Android Phones

Have you accidentally deleted your MP4 videos from Android Phones? Are you looking for the effective method to recover the video files? Do you get error message at the time of playing the stored MP4 videos? If your response is positive to all these questions then no need to panic. More...

September 12th, 2017

How to Retrieve Mp4 Files After Factory Resetting Windows 10

Mp4 is a multimedia file format used for storing audio and video files. It is well known for providing high clarity video and audio files. The size of this file format is very large as compared to the other file format. People also love to store mp4 files and data in their computer system so that they can easily access it whenever they want. More...

September 9th, 2017

How to recover lost mp4 files from your SD card

SD card is one of the commonly used memory card for various portable product like digital camera, smart phones, computer etc. It is mainly known for its excellent speed and best reliability. Mp4 is a digital file format which can easily allow you to save any kind of data whether it is audio, video or images. People now a day’s generally prefer to save their files in mp4 files format. More...

August 31st, 2017

Unable to Play MP4 Files in Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a default media player developed by Microsoft. People generally uses mp4 file format to save their audio and video files. However sometimes while playing some mp4 files, people may encounter certain error and it becomes impossible for user to access their media files. Nobody wants to lose their valuable audio or video files. More...

August 21st, 2017

Recover Deleted MP4 Video Files from SD Card

Now a day’s SD card are used by most of the people to save their audio or video files. Mp4 video format are supported by almost all the multimedia devices such as camera, mobile phones, iPods etc and people love to store their video files in this video files format. More...

February 3rd, 2011

Recover Corrupt Video Files to Play it Smoothly

Sometimes it happens that your videos files gets corrupted or deleted due to which you are unable to access it. In order to play the videos files smoothly you need to recover corrupt video files which can be done with the help of reliable mp4 recovery software. More...

January 27th, 2011

Digital Camera Video Recovery: - Retrieves your Missing Digital Videos

If you have lost your videos from your digital camera due to any other adverse causes and fails to access it. Then do not bother any more. Just use reliable mp4 recovery software which can efficiently do digital camera video recovery and restores all lost, missing or formatted digital videos. More...

January 20th, 2011

Kodak Video Recovery:- Makes Deleted Kodak Videos Accessible

If you have deleted your videos from Kodak digital camera and fail to access it; then do not worry any more. You can easily retrieve your missing videos after performing Kodak video recovery which can be done with the help of mp4 recovery software. More...

January 11th, 2011

Deleted Video File Recovery: - Makes the Lost Videos Files Accessible

Videos are known as �moving pictures� which can be now easily played on PC, mobile, iPhone, Ipod, digital cameras etc. People really enjoy watching videos; either its any movies or songs or clips of any special moments of their personal life. They never want to lose their videos at any cost. But sometimes it happens that you lose your favorite videos due to some negative causes and hence fails to access it. More...

December 31st, 2010

Canon Video Recovery: - Regain the Lost & Missing Canon Videos Effortlessly

The introduction of digital camera has completely revolutionized the landscape of photography. People do prefer digital camera to capture photos or videos because it is loaded with advanced features and provides elite performance. More...

December 23rd, 2010

Repair Damaged mp4 Files to Enjoy it without any Hassles

Mp4 format is also known as MPEG-4 which is one of the popular file formats that provides an excellence quality of pictures and audio. This file format is supported by various video programs and devices like digital camera, ipod, iphone, mobile phone etc. You can easily play and enjoy mp4 videos as it provides a standard quality of both images and sounds. But sometimes it happens that mp4 files get damaged and you fail to access it. More...

December 16th, 2010

Sony Video Recovery: - Efficiently Recovers the Deleted Videos of Sony Camera

Sony is one of the renowned brands which provide various models of digital camera. Sony digital camera holds various enhanced features which enables you to capture photos and videos of memorable moments. Now-a-days everybody prefers Sony digital camera as it provides high quality videos and offers better performance. This digital camera supports various file formats like AVI, GIF, MPEG, mp4 etc. All the captured videos gets stored in several memory cards like SD card, XD card, Flash card, MMC card etc. More...

December 9th, 2010

Ipod Video Recovery:- Efficiently Retrieves the Deleted iPod Videos

In this high tech world everybody prefers to use latest and trendy gadgets as it can fulfills the purpose of entertainment and also enhance the style status of an individual. One of the most popular gadgets is ipod. It is portable media player which has huge storage capacity to stores several files like images, photos, videos etc. ipod supports several types of file formats like AIFF, M4A, MP4, MP3, WAV etc. More...

December 1st, 2010

Recover Deleted mp4 Files to Access it Effortlessly

In this modernization world everybody make use of advanced and latest devices like iphone, digital camera etc to take photos or videos of the memorable moment. Generally all the latest devices support mp4 formats. Mp4 is one of the popular formats which can easily supports several multimedia items like images, audio, video, animations etc More...



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